Fact #1: Today's media technology marketplace has never been more dynamic and challenging.

Fact #2: Most of this confusion is due to your customers' ongoing struggle to adapt to today's new and evolving content-provider business models.

To compete, your customers now acquire content from new sources and produce programming with new systems - distributed in new formats, through multiple channels and on sometimes unpredictable schedules - for consumers engaged through a variety of economic models.

Unconvinced? Compare themes, sessions and speakers for the 2007 and 2013 NAB and IBC shows.

Still unconvinced? Compare the exhibitor lists and categories for the 2007 and 2013 NAB and IBC shows.

Challenge: Can you acquire and successfully adopt the new business culture, processes, methods and skills needed to survive and thrive - and, if so, when and how?

The New Normal Media Tech Marketplace

Just having good products, services and relationships is not enough. Few customers make buying decisions based solely on technical performance, corporate reputation, personal relationships or even lowest cost. They want partners who understand their business challenges; partners with product and service solutions that help them control costs, generate revenue, reach new markets, distribute across new platforms or achieve any number of strategic business goals that may have little to do with raw technology.

Executives from new levels and departments in customer organizations influence or actually make buying decisions. You must convince these higher-level, bottom-line focused executives - who may not understand or appreciate technical value - to buy from you.

Many media tech companies focus less on engineering and operations executives who may have traditionally been their primary sales contacts. Instead, they focus more on the senior level, non-technical executives who actually own business problems their solution solves - or - benefit most from opportunities their solution delivers.

Answering these challenges often means changing your company's sales and tactical marketing mindset - changes that may or may not be available using your internal resources.

Sales Performance Associates successfully helps media tech clients answer these challenges by enabling them to...

  • Transition from a feature-benefit, speeds-and-feeds preferred-vendor mindset to a consultative, value-based, customer-focused sales model linking them with their customers as valued business partners
  • Collaborate with prospective customers to identify, quantify and justify solutions to business problems or unseen opportunities - even those the customer may not initially recognize or appreciate
  • Engage earlier and at higher executive levels to gain competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Navigate and unite all customer constituencies - and - credibly articulate business problems, opportunities and solutions to technical and non-technical executives

And more...

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